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Hidden Costs

REAL COST OF FEEDING (RCF) Conventional Food Aid - Providing Uncooked Food to Beneficiaries

Donors are providing UNCOOKED Food Parcels to beneficiaries and distribute them among beneficiaries in form of FOOD Parcels. Beneficiaries face a number of constraints in utilizing the Food Aid because their access to basic facilities is limited including clean water and fuel for cooking. Following flow shows the Real Cost of Feeding (RCF) and constraints of Conventional Food Aid.

Tayyib Food Aid Solution

Our TAYYIB MEALS solve all basic problems of Food Aid because our meals are packaged in safe, hygienic and resilient pouches with long shelf life at room temperature and need no refrigerations for storage.
Our meals need no cooking fuels or facilities reducing ultimate cost of food provision. Our meals include halal meat, are specially developed for local tastes and are fortified with Halal nutrients to improve health. Our meals are 100% natural and have no preservatives. Tayyib pouches are specially designed for Food Aid Programs and help donors in reducing transportation and storage costs.