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Australian Charity chooses Dubai Halal firm
(Press Releases: 06-14-2016)

Dubai | Sydney: Muslim Aid Australia, established in 1989 and projects in 50 countries, has chosen Saahtain Foods to manufacture ready to eat meals for its 2016 Qurban (Adahi) project. Saahtain Foods is the regions first and only manufacturer of Halal Ready to Eat meals. Tayyib is the world’s first Halal Brand for Humanitarian and Disaster sector.

One key driver for Muslim Aid Australia for partnering with Saahtain Foods is the highest international standards of food safety and quality as well as the overall reputation of the food industry in the United Arab Emirates. The animals will be sourced locally and regionally, giving boost to local and regional businesses. The by-products of the sacrificial animal such as wool, skin, etc are sold separately to generate funds that result in sustainable cost effective price for Muslim Aid Australia.

As UAE is the hub of humanitarian efforts and Halal certified meat and other products, this partnership and delivery of food aid, has created an effective and efficient food supply chain that will serve the humanitarian sector in most part of the world.  Saahtain Foods leads in the competitive advantage over other supplier due to its Halal authentication, culturally sensitive meals and strategic location to provide Halal Relief

Muslim Aid Australia sent tens of thousands of highly nutritional chicken and beans based Tayyib Ready to Eat Meals to Aleppo in April 2016 where they were distributed among the most vulnerable. Their ground work in Aleppo highlighted the fact that the daily struggle to source basic food and to live a marginal life continues for the people of Syria.  

About Saahtain Foods LLC

Saahtain is a UAE based producer of 100% halal meals that are ready to eat, nutritious and produced in the UAE. Our aim is to provide high quality, tasty, balanced and nutritious food to our customers. We service a wide customer base globally in this sector. Our products offer convenience to food service, institutional catering, disaster food relief, Hajj pilgrimage and military rations. In addition, we also support individual donors and corporations in their philanthropic and CSR efforts.


Zahra Mahmood

P O Box 6701, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


About Muslim Aid Australia

Muslim Aid Australia is an international relief and development agency working to support and assist the world’s poorest and most needy communities regardless of race, creed or nationality. Muslim Aid Australia supports projects in over 50 countries spanning Africa, Asia, and Europe. By responding quickly to emergencies, Muslim Aid Australia provides relief to survivors of natural disasters, and human-caused disasters (war, civil-strife, displacement). Muslim Aid Australia also undertakes long-term development projects on education and training, provision of clean water and healthcare, and re-establishing livelihoods to break cycles of endemic poverty.

Toll free: 1 800 100 786

Phone: 61 2 8016 9500



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